Invalved | A series of productvideos showcasing the Art Book of Final Fantasy XV I've made for Cook & Becker. Get Invalved!
A series of productvideos showcasing the Art Book of Final Fantasy XV I've made for Cook & Becker.
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Cook & Becker – Final Fantasy XV

Cook & Becker – Final Fantasy XV


This is a series of productvideos I’ve made for Cook & Becker.


Showcasing the art and design of The Final Fantasy XV universe, covering the game and movie Kingsglaive. Steven Saunders, host and freelance tv-show-presenter of (former MTV’s, Comedy Central and Spike’s) GameKings presents this wonderful art book in style.


This art book has been created together with key members of the Final Fantasy XV art team at Square-Enix. Readers can expect a wonderful collection of art, drawings and designs. These include never-before-seen artwork and screens made specifically for this art book.


Filming this art book made me realise there is a lot more detail in it than I first imagined. I had so much cool footage, it was hard to choose what to use. By adding and animating another layer of information into the video, like information about characters, sizes, editions and colours, it became even more of a productvideo.


It has been shared on several social platforms and websites and got 45k views in just over a week. The 25th anniversary art book of Sonic got 85k views in the same time span.


By using social media to share these videos, the amount of views increased  and so did the sales!

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