Invalved | The Croon Classics was heading out to a barnfind. A number of cars were hiding there, waiting to be overhauled and restored back to life!
The Croon Classics needed a video of a special barnfind, so they could do what they do best. Buy, restore and sell cars!
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De Croon Classics – Barnfind

De Croon Classics – Barnfind


The Croon Classics was in need of a few good (camera)men to accompany them during a special barnfind. There were some ‘gems’ stored in a large old farm shed (rust, dust and spider(web)s included). After a quick look and some prepwork the haul began.

We’ve assisted with some power of our own to make sure all cars were loaded on the transportation vehicles, and by the end of the evening everything was transported back to The Croon Classics Garage. Video by Beeldbepalend x Invalved!

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