Invalved | See the video of the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy filmed at Breda Airport and take flying and transportation to a new level!
The FlyDrive Academy is brought to you by PAL-V. It was filmed at Breda Airport and it will take flying to a whole new level!
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PAL-V – FlyDrive Academy

PAL-V – FlyDrive Academy


Join the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy and literally take flying to another level.


Have you ever heard about the term ‘gyroplane’? Probably not! A gyroplane has the advantages of a helicopter and the advantages of an airplane and non of the disadvantages.


We flew over Breda’s Airport to show you the location of the FlyDrive Academy. In this academy participants will learn how to fly a gyroplane, the Magni M24 Orion. The M24 Orion uses the same principle as the PAL-V, it’s also a gyroplane.


The PAL-V, the first licensed flying car is on a whole new level, it’s light, it’s slick and it was on the Geneva International Motor Show. It brings driving and flying together, join the PAL-V CarFlyers Club!


If you want to see the wonderful PAL-V in another video we’ve made? Click here!


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