Invalved | The PAL-V, see world's first licensed production flying car, isn't it iconic?
World's first licensed production flying car! See the iconic PAL-V.
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See world’s first licensed flying production car, the PAL-V.


The first time I layed eyes on this wonderful peace of technology I was stunned. It seems we are entering a new era in the automobile business. Not only does it look amazing, but the shape of this machine is unparalleled. The amazing warm colour combined with the dark greyish carbon tint is simply awesome.


The interior has a luxury feel, there’s carbon, there’s buttons, dials, meters and a lot switches. The steering wheel and the stick create an astonishing image, and we might see a lot more of those in the future. The whole thing is a work of art and you might see it driving by, or flying in the sky someday soon.


For now, feast your eyes on this wonderful machine and let the images and the animations tell you more than my words can. It’s iconic!


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