Invalved | See the sixth edition of this rocking roadtrip, an awesome tour through Europe, enjoy, the RevRun 6!
Enjoy the sixth edition of this rocking roadtrip, an awesome tour through Europe, the RevRun 6! Rock 'em, don't stock 'em!
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The RevRun 6

The RevRun 6


The sixth edition of ‘The RevRun’, an epic roadtrip for carenthousiasts, was once again an awesome and thrilling experience. It was the fifth time I was part of RevRun’s mediacrew. During this annual event I got to capture a lot of cool and fastpaced videofootage that was used in the promotional trailer and the extended aftermovie of this sixth edition. The travelled roads were nice and most participants had awesome outfits matching the livery of their cars. The cars we’re even more awesome than the years before, everything from classics to supercars, and from tuner to fully build racecars.

Apart from the never ending convoy of cars, there was lots of laughter during the day and the parties at night were insane! To sum it all up; this trip brings joy to everyone involved and it leaves the participants with awesome memories and stories long after the event had finished.

Check out their website and videos for more information about the roadtrip.
And don’t forget about, the running engine of The RevRun.

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