Invalved | The about Invalved page, explaining where the passion comes from and who my latest clients are.
The about Invalved page, explaining where the passion comes from and who my latest clients are.
Invalved, About Invalved page, passion for cars, passion for speed, videographer, clients
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About Invalved


Who I am and What I Do

Invalved was founded in 2014, but my activities started in early 2012. At that time I was an intern at Blammo Media, known for MTV’s Gamekings, and I started developing my camera-, presenter- and designer-skills. Since then I have created hundreds of hours of video content, wrote editorials, and I’ve been on multiple international business trips for clients like Monster Energy, RedBull, StreetGasm and RevWorks. Other clients are NewFound Productions, Cook & Becker, Dutch Game Garden, CWS (NL&BE),, and my latest addition to these wonderful brands is PAL-V.


My passion for cars, roaring engines, a little adrenaline and going fast, combined with my creative vision, is a great combination and incentive in both cinematography, designing and concepting. Being involved assembled together with carparts, like pistons, turbo’s and of course ‘valves’ made this name to what it is today.


Invalved is a creative agency that is committed to their clients. Involvement and communication are essential for a good collaboration. Creating corporate identities, corporate films, music videos, product videos, social media campagnes, aftermovies, animations, websites, logo’s and creative communication concepts.


I provide a service that will turn your initial idea into a tangible product. During our collaboration I will show you the process. Explain why and how I got to certain keypoints, and keep you up-to-date.


I will do everything in my power to bring your vision to life.
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My Latest Projects

My Awesome Clients